Disclosure Statement

JOHN WILLIAM DUDLEY RYDER as Editor and Publisher of Global - Economic and Investment Newsletter

Pursuant to the Securities Markets Act 1988 and Securities Market (Investments and Brokers) Regulations 2007

Date: 24th May 2016

John William Dudley Ryder Disclosure Statement

1. Disclosure of John William Dudley Ryder

1.1 Disclosure
John William Dudley Ryder provides you with the Disclosure Statement.

1.2 Experience and Qualifications
John William Dudley Ryder is a private citizen with extensive experience as a Qualified Chartered Accountant, and has a wide-spread practical experience with numerous business organisations. He holds the following qualifications and is a member of the following professional organisations and business entities:-


  1. Master of Commerce Degree with Honours (M.Com (Hons)) (Canterbury University)

  2. A Fellow of the NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants (FCA)

  3. A NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants qualified Cost and Management Accountant (CMA)

  4. Inducted into the New Zealand Business Hall of Fame, 2021.

  5. Former Founding Director of a publicly listed company, namely Michael Hill International Limited

  6. Currently Chairman of the following entities:

    • Direct Capital Limited (a company managing private equity funds)

    • Health Ed Trust (NZ) Inc (a trust providing education resources in the health care sector)

    • Brycharl Corporation Limited (a company which invests in securities in NZ and overseas)

  7. Currently a shareholder and Chairman of the following private companies:

    • Shareholder and Executive Chairman of Qestral Corporation Limited (a company developing retirement villages)

    • Shareholder and Chairman of Tuatara Tours Limited (which operates in the tourism sector)

  8. Currently a shareholder and Chairman of NZ King Salmon Limited (which farms salmon in NZ)


1.3 Extent of Involvement as an Investment Adviser

1.3.1 John William Dudley Ryder is a private investor in securities both in New Zealand and on overseas markets.

1.3.2 He is the editor and publisher of a private newsletter known as Global - Economic and Investment Newsletter, issued on an irregular basis to members of the public who wish to avail themselves of his thoughts and comments based on his personal experience as an investor and commentator on global financial markets.

1.3.3 He is not employed by or engaged by any issuer of securities or financial institution or company (including Direct Capital Limited) to give investment advice, nor is he employed solely or in any capacity as a job or occupation involved in journalism.

1.3.4 His comments and statements in the newsletter are based solely on his personal experience and investigations as to the current state of a wide range of securities and investment proposals and global financial markets as he sees them at the time of publication of the private newsletter, which is available on the web site www.globalnews.co.nz.


2. Criminal Convictions
John William Dudley Ryder has never:-
(a) been convicted of an offence under the Securities Markets Act 1988 or the Securities Act 1978 or of a crime involving dishonesty;
(b) been a director of a company or a principal of a body corporate at a time when that body corporate committed any offence of those types;
(c) been adjudicated bankrupt or been a principal of a company or body corporate that has been placed in statutory management or receivership whilst he was such principal;
(d) been prohibited by law or by a court from taking part in the management of a company or business;
(e) been the subject of an adverse finding by a court in any proceedings that have been taken against him in his professional or personal capacity;
(f) been expelled from or prohibited from being a member of any professional body.

3. Fees and Remuneration
John William Dudley Ryder does not receive or accept any fees commission brokerage or remuneration of any kind for his services as editor and/or publisher of the Newsletter.

4. Professional Indemnity Insurance
John William Dudley Ryder holds professional indemnity insurance for comments about investments given in the Newsletter. However they are his personal thoughts and suggestions only and are not meant to be investment advice as the term is defined in the Acts or Regulations and the Newsletter contains a general disclaimer notice in the following form:-

Global is a private, non-commercial publication. No fees are charged for the publication and no remuneration of any kind is received in relation to the newsletter, or the securities mentioned. Neither Global nor its principals are investment advisers and they do not give investment advice as part of their job or business. The approach of the newsletter is to consider economic parameters in the major economies of USA, Great Britain, the Eurozone, Asia, Australia & New Zealand with respect to broad financial movements and investment trends. Economic fundamentals are investigated and technical elements (such as chart patterns) are studied for timing purposes. The comments are personal opinions only, which may be of interest to readers. They should be used for educational purposes and should not be relied upon for investment activities. Readers should seek advice from their usual advisers before considering making any investments, as neither Global nor its principals act as brokers or personal or corporate investment advisers. Investors should be aware that unhedged overseas investments are exposed to currency fluctuations, which may or may not be positive.

Holdings in shares mentioned in Global may change at any time. John Ryder M.Com(Hons); CA; CMA. Ground Floor, Duncan Cotterill Plaza, 148 Victoria Street (adjacent to Knox Church), Christchurch, New Zealand. PH: 03-3510697. E mail: jwdryder@xtra.co.nz. Copyright reserved.


5. Dispute Resolution Process
Because of the nature and extent of the comments made in the Newsletter and based on the Disclosure Notice John William Dudley Ryder does not accept any responsibility for the personal comments and as such has no Dispute Resolution Procedure in place nor does he accept any obligation to have the same.